That's a Great Game! Point Salad

Point Salad is one of this year’s Gen Con breakout hits. Because it sits in the sweet spot between having surprisingly simple rules and interesting choices, it’s finding broad appeal. With a grid of only six vegetables to choose from, its just like a salad bar with no restrictions.

Take a tomato, or take point goals. Or turn your goals into vegetables. Do you opt to pass on the onions because you can really load up on carrots? Or do you take the onion and “eat” the points because, otherwise, it would be of too great a value to your opponent?

Like a salad, the ingredients are simple and fast to assemble, but its the way you combine them that makes it interesting. With this salad bar, you'll likely want a second or third helping!

Point Salad may be a brand new release, but it's already on our shelf. Join us at one of our upcoming events and try Point Salad for yourself!


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