Board Games, Families, and the Holidays

I once had a friend in college who was "that board game guy." Well before modern games became as big as they are now, he always had an obscure (at least to us!) game that none of us had heard of and were eager to try. When we asked how he got into games, he told us that it was from years of childhood Christmas presents. His family was concerned about buying too many toys for him and his siblings, and didn't like the idea of them going off to play with their new toys...alone. Apart from the usual concerns about Christmas consumerism, his parents only wanted Christmas presents that would bring their family together. And the way they did this was almost always through games. After years of gaming on Christmas, he had carried his love of games through life, and was now sharing that passion with us.

With the holidays upon us, I'd like to think that I'm also sharing that gift by passing my love of board games on to you. I really do believe that games make the perfect present. But they only truly come to life when we share them with others.

I hope you'll come to one of our upcoming pop-up events, where you can try a new game, play an old favorite, make memories with your loved ones or meet new friends


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